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The mission of the Monroe County Recorder of Deeds Office is to preserve the accuracy and continuity of the public land records of Monroe County.
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Skip to main content. Mortgages Mortgage instruments must include all mortgagors and mortgagees, the new tax number, address, legal description of the property and the type of dwelling. Applicable Mortgage Tax is also due at time of recording. For further information on this new form or to begin using the form please click here: NYS Department of Taxation RPPDF Report Index Numbers Index numbers are assigned to open a file where all later papers are kept and which bear that same number.

Back to top. This is the best way to fix and deficiencies you might encounter during the filing process. Also, when filed in person, the document is considered filed that day, if you got there early enough. If mailing, be sure to include fees for at least one extra copy, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that you can properly serve the owner, and keep one for your records as well.

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Some counties in Pennsylvania allow for documents to be recorded electronically. If you elect to take the electronic route, you will likely need to register with some e-filing service and scan copies of your lien claim. Once your lien is filed, you still need to take steps to secure your lien rights.

A Notice of Lien Claim must be served on the property owner within 1 month of filing the claim. This can be either personal service or posted conspicuously on the job sight. After service is accomplished, an Affidavit of Service proof of notice must be filed in the same office where the lien claim is filed.

This is a mandatory requirement, failure to meet this deadline will invalidate your lien. If the non-payment issue is still not resolved, the lien may need to be enforced. In order to do so, the claimant must eventually obtain judgment upon the filed mechanics lien. A complaint to enforce your lien claim must be made within 2 years of filing the claim. Afterward, the judgment must be entered within 5 years from the date the original claim was filed, or it will expire. Does it have to go to court to obtain judgment? Who does the filing in Superior Court? This document essentially acts as a final warning.

There is no statute that specifically states when and how the lien should be released.

This should be filed in the same prothonotary office where the initial lien claim was filed. Alex Benarroche Legal Associate.

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